Knee replacement surgery in Spain

The knee prosthesis is a surgical procedure for replacing the articular surfaces of the knee with artificial components. Components altered by wear of the femur, tibia and patella are replaced. The femoral implant is metallic, the tibial is a combination of metal and polyethylene, and the patella is polyethylene.

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Experimented Doctors

Our team of surgeons, anesthetists and nurses are highly trained for placing knee.

Knee surgery in Spain

You now have the opportunity to have surgery on your knee in Spain, a country with high medical and surgical assessment, gained during many years of practice. Specifically in the area of Leon, where you and your guest will enjoy a few days after surgery. Our company will arrange to welcome you at the airport in Madrid, to take you to Leon, where the surgery will take place. The patient will be four days in the clinic and during that time the passenger will be staying in a hotel. Leaving the clinic, and for another four days, both will be staying at the hotel, time allocated to rehabilitation and to enjoy a few days of sightseeing in Leon, for which we also have organized a few places to visit. Once the surgeon terminates his work, we will drive you back to the airport of Madrid, where it ends our commitment, and you and decide whether to go back home or to enjoy a few days in Spain or Europe. All from $ 14.000.

  • Experimented Doctors

    Our team of surgeons, anesthetist and nurses are highly trained for placing knee.

  • Large Infraestructure

    We have two clinics with operating rooms and a great accommodation adapted to needs and services required before, during and after the knee replacement surgery.

  • Emergency Department

    We have all the necessary services in case of any complication airsing.

  • Safe and Quality Brands

    We use the products of the first manufacturers of prosthetic knee. You can choose the one that best suits you depending on your needs and preferences.

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